With Dermot and Maria's baby due very soon, Agnes is excited about the prospect of having a new Brown in the house. But in the meantime, she has to make do with the robot baby which the expectant couple have been given to practice with at their pre-natal classes. Unfortunately, the new addition to the family keeps crying and disturbs everyone at night. Agnes kindly offers to babysit the robot baby and seems to have the magic touch, but her methods are not exactly orthodox (including removing the batteries). Meanwhile, Cathy Brownis feeling down about her love life. However, there's a new man on the horizon: her psychology lecturer, Professor Thomas Clowne.


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  • Cathy - "How could anything good be done, when it's a group of men that sit in a conference, pretending to listen, when all they're doing is trying to think of what THEY will say next, so they can sound clever. And even then it'll be a lie. They'd make you sick, men and I mean sick!"


  • Buster: - "How are you? Sorry I missed you yesterday. So, what's the story?"