When Agnes discovers that Mark and Betty are having bedroom problems, she takes it upon herself to help. Meanwhile, as Dermot's business grows, he has a difficult decision to make about his best friend Buster.


Regular cast

Guest cast




  • This episode contains adult humour and strong language.
  • This is the first LIVE episode in the history of the show. This episode was also broadcasted LIVE because it is the 5th anniversary of the show.

Noteable Dialogue

  • Agnes - "Now it's not going to happen"


  • Maria - "No it's not, but Dermot's the boss and the business is what's important.


  • Dermot - "Suppliers of frozen foods throughout the ready meals of convenience market. Not just fresh frozen but frozen fresh. Frozen fresh for your freezer. Famously full of flavour."
  • Agnes - "Sorry love, what?"
  • Dermot - "Suppliers of frozen foods throughout the ready meal and convenience food market. Not just fresh frozen but frozen fresh. Fields of fresh food frozen fresh for your freezer. And famously full of flavour."


  • Agnes - "I know, I rang Dr. Flynn and told him. That could be him now. You were born not feeling well. You are never well. Look at the face on you, Jesus, you look like you are the back of a bus. You need to get more exercise. That's what's wrong with you. Changing channels on the television is not a workout. I tell you, your main problem is you are a lazy Fare! Father Hello.


  • Agnes - "Yes, I do see him there down in a scouts every once I a while."


  • Winnie - "You might be right, Agnes. I am going to pop down and see Dr Flynn right now."


  • Agnes - "I have no doubt that Mark and Betty, would be able to soot it out themselves.


  • Cathy - "Right then, that's rent, electric, rates, wages, stock. Allow 504 miscellaneous?
  • Rory - "Who is she?"



  • Agnes - "Oh yes love. We're off the air."

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