Mr. Cavanagh is the owner of Wash & Blow.

In January 2012, Mr. Cavanagh made a promotion to staff of the salon that he would make one lucky member of the staff the manager. Dino Doyle was the favorite to get the job. Instead, Dino's boyfriend, Rory Brown got the job. A few days later, Rory found LSD drugs and brought them home. Rory's mother, Agnes Brown, accidentally took a couple, believing they were heartburn pills. Rory spoke to Mr. Cavanagh and asked him if he and Dino could be joint managers. Mr. Cavanagh accepted.

In July 2016, Mr. Cavanagh planned to retire in Spain and asked Rory and Dino to manage the salon. Rory's sister, Cathy Brown helped them draw out a business plan. She believes that €10,000 could be enough to get the salon into shape.