Winifred "Winnie" McGoogan is Agnes Brown's best friend and has been next door neighbour for nearly 50 years. They are often seen together at Foley's drinking together, sometimes accompanied by other women.


She show's lots concern for her husband Jacko as he has got numerous health problems. She often pops round Agnes' house for a chat and a cup of tea and at one time she even helped Agnes with a bikini wax that she bought off of the TV,and typical of Winnie, she shocked Mrs. Nicholson with the quote "How do you clean dead flies of your flapper". Mrs Nicholson, not knowing what Winnie meant tried to get out of the house immediately before getting into another conversation with Mrs Brown. Even one time in Series 2 she burst through the door to say "Jacko has an erection" causing Mrs brown to put her hands over Trevor's ears.


  • "Cathy, I believe your date was a disaster" (First line)